Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

Luna Bethelen Video is a Shame to Minahasa

Minahasa KabasaranI'm very upset and disappointed when heard about a sex-tape of Minahasa couple. Seems like there are morale issue with Minahasa youth.

Very disgraceful indeed, considering Minahasa is a big nation with big culture. See the image, it's one of our ancient culture, still alive today.

Who can we blame?

There are two to blame. First, technology. Second, Ariel Peterpan.

Technology makes us easily access information from around the world, but technology can also provide something immoral. Ariel, is a celebrity, public figure. Yet, he become more famous after his sex-tape leaked. Many young generation sees this as the quick way to make famous for themselves.

Now the news about Luna Bethelen video is blowing on the internet. As a Minahasa man live abroad, I feel embarrassed on this. More, some douchebag wrote lies about the video, and some blogger make joke on it, like the blogger who wrote a stupid joke, interviewing Minahasa culture experts on the Luna Bethelen video.

He claimed that it's a literature work. Well, to hell with your literature. I see them as trash, and you are a trash too.