Rabu, 08 September 2010

Florida Mayor Condemns Qur'an Burning Day

QuranMayor of Florida, United States, Craig Lowe, confirmed it had issued a ban related to Terry Jones plans to commemorate the nine-year Koran burning tragedy of the September 11 attacks (9 / 11).

This was revealed when Craig made a direct dialogue with the National Coordinator of Care for Pluralism Damien Movement facilitated Dematra BBC International, Wednesday (08/09/2010) early days.

Besides the ban to Terry Jones, Florida City Government will hold a Day of Solidarity and Pluralism on September 11, in which thousands of people from different religions, groups, and race, will oppose the Day of Burning Qur'an.

Still, Lowe explained in the U.S. freedom of opinion provided for in the First Amandement, so if Jones still take action to burn the Koran, he was only punishable by monetary fines.

After the dialogue Demien also asked the BBC to direct dialogue memfaslitasi him with Father Terry Jones of Dove Outreach Center. BBC party promised to pursue this.

Indonesia Government Keep Seeking Safe Way for LPG

LPGThe Government will continue to seek the most appropriate way to safety the use of LPG 3 kilograms (kg). This work is done as an affirmation of the government over plans LPG price increase of 3 kg in association with the disparity in gas prices next month.

"We must secure first the technical talk. We're not talking (gas prices) that was before," said Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Coordinating Ministry office Hatta Rajasa in Jakarta, Wednesday (08/09/2010).

The problem, obviously Hatta, 3 kg of LPG price hike is not on the price disparity, but how people use 3 kg of LPG safely.

"How to change a few weak points, rubber seal, and so forth. So not to talk about price," he said.

Just to remind, the government has prepared three options to equalize the price. First, by raising the price of three kilograms of gas cylinders.

Second, lowering the price of gas tube 12 kilograms. Then the third, with slightly raise the price of three kilograms of gas tube and slightly lowering the price of gas tube 12 kilograms.

Hundreds of Bus Late Entering Lebak Bulus Station

Lebak Bulus stationH-2 atmosphere Eid colored stacking hundreds of travelers at Inter-Inter-provincial city (AKAP) Lebak Bulus Station, South Jakarta. This is caused because of the many buses that come late into the station.

''A lot of congestion because of delays in bus passengers who came, so it was not because of surge of passengers,''said Chief Lebak Bulus station F. K. Wowor when met at his office, Wednesday (09/08/2010).

According to him, the delay was due to many factors that occur in the field, such as congestion and delays in departing from the intended destination. ''A lot of things such as road congestion, the toll on many doors closed and the number of repairs on the road,''he said.

She also explained that the congestion which occurs when this is travel route for passengers who travel short distances, such as Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Garut and surrounding areas of West Java.

From the monitoring field a number of passengers is still faithful await the arrival of a bus that will take them.

Also according to Administration officials Lebak Bulus Station Indra KW, bus delays occur ranging from three to four hours. Buses''which should arrive at 13:00 am, just arrived at 17.00 am,''he said.