Senin, 26 Oktober 2009

The girl he loved

Can someone to love just because a piece of a dream? Impossible. However, my brother just puppets experience - at least it is admitted.

The girl he loved was Laura, his own cousin. Naturally, right? In fact, to be honest when my parents then thought to ask for her hand.

All started from the narrative Jamal. He said, he dreamed of Lala as her mother introduced her as his future wife.

"We've known each other, ma'am," Jamal said in the dream shyly. The girl nodded with a shy smile too.

Jamal actually not too sure the girl is Laura. His face was faintly visible. However, Jamal felt the aura of the girl he knew enough. Amazingly, this is reinforced by our father. On the same night, he dreamed about Jamal, who was sitting in a chair with Laura's wedding! Is this a sign? Either. Only, since then I felt the eyes of Lala Jamal changed.

They're actually friends play in a small time, but never met again since a teenager. Laura's family lived far away in Surabaya, while we were in Jakarta. We rarely come together, even during Lebaran, so the memory of Lala Jamal have are the memories of childhood as a brother to brother love. Love which did not occur to see Laura as a lovable girl, even lawful marriage. However, the dream could turn it into ... love (?).

Let's say I was too quick to conclude as love. Maybe it was just a rainbow that never lost the heart to disturb my brother's niche. Rainbow that could turn it into a melancholy self to make us a family he often worried about the distance staring, and then sighed softly.

"Maybe you should see him in Surabaya," said Mother.

"I do not, ma'am. Cook the flower bed just because I see him, "said Jamal.

"Maybe it's a sign."

"That my soul mate Laura?"

"Not. That had long you do not visit them to stay in touch. Let Mbakmu and her husband later that accompany you there. "

Jamal was stunned for a moment and then nodded.

Well, you're so clever to persuade. And without the knowledge that my brother was a quiet, Mother of our delegate tasks to "woo" Laura. Mom really believe the dream as a sign that asked me to ask Laura about the possibility of his willingness dipersunting Jamal.

"Why not just ask the Paklik? Let them all fixed up, "I said at that time.

"Ah, your brother would not want to."

"But ..."

"Never mind. I know Jamal's not too mature. Have not finished college. But at least he has income from business trading sambilannya, right? "

"That's not what I mean. Are you sure want to Lala Jamal? Maybe just a dream only a romantic moment. "

Mother stunned. I'm sure you do not ensure this. That he knew only that Jamal was acting strangely. That's it. The rest he anticipated his own. Mother who seem desperate just to woo Laura.

"I would trust it to you."

Walah! That means my job many times over! In addition to ensuring readiness Laura, I had to make sure my sister's own feelings.


He was silent. I figured that if I asked her reaction about the possibility perjodohannya with Laura.

"You love him?" I changed the question. This time instead Jamal chuckled.

"Maybe ... I dunno. It was not fair. "

Of course no fair! To me, love for a piece of crap just a dream. Besides Jamal did not know what Laura's face and personality of today. I did not know.

"Relax, Mal. Never mind. The important thing is we got there first, "said Bang Rohim, my husband.


Upon arrival in Surabaya, we were warmly greeted by Laura's family.

"Well, Jamal iki tho? Oala, wis gedhe yo?! "Says Bulik.

Jamal just smiled. Especially when dijawil Bulik fat cheeks as she had a kid.

"Where's Laura, Bulik?" I asked as a child found not only wayangnya it.

"It's in the kitchen. 're Making wedhang. "

I get into the kitchen. I really wonder what Laura now. I saw a girl there. Subhanalah, beautiful! He kissed my hand. Hmm, well-mannered. Good enough for Jamal. But, I must refrain. Bang said Rohim, take a persuasive approach to carry out this mission. I'm not sure I could so totally give him scenarios.

Not much to do besides bang Rohim asked Laura to guide each of the three of us went to downtown. He told me not to talk about arranged marriages, marriage, proposal, or whatever they call to Laura. He said, despite our close family, had long since we met each other not. Laura could have looked at us as "foreigners". This joint effort by traveling to familiarize back Jamal, Laura and me. This would be memudahkanku when we express the real purpose of his coming later.

Tonight when my husband where I was allowed to reveal it to Laura. Should do so. But Jamal ahead. I never thought he was serious about his feelings. He uttered them. About dreams, about falling in love, even about the proposal.

"Maybe Sister Laura thinks this is silly. Brother felt the same way. But, at least now Abang Abang feeling confident. So, would not have applied if Lala Brother? "

Not human if Laura was not surprised to be shot like that. He looked troubled. Like I did. Laura Darling did not respond the way I respond to Bang Rohim first proposal.

"Sorry, Mas. I already consider you a brother. It was difficult to change it. "

Ended. Until here we struggle in Surabaya. Jamal smiled knowingly, but I believe his heart was disappointed. Her love is never ending magic sweet. We returned to Jakarta with rejection.

Since that day, Jamal was a melancholy sight. He re-engaged in their activities. My brother was really great. Although heartbroken, she did not want to dissolve in his feelings. In fact, later I knew he had not surrendered. At least resistance back Jamal managed to familiarize with Laura. They both used to send SMS just say hello or talk to each other. Jamal really see this as an opportunity to change the view toward Laura.

Left increasingly turned to the time when Jamal expressed again his desire. Darling rejected again. Once again up to three times.

Father and mother are concerned to see it. They can not do much. Match their desire to be both Jamal rejected.

"Terms of person who became my future wife, must be sincere to be my companion. Of his own volition, not the other side! "So why always.

Whatever what he says. But this is the fifth step in maintaining Jamal did not love this accomplished. He was so close to the head of three. Quite surprisingly, he still keep it on. It is hardly worthy of the love that kept on. lowongan cpns 2009 He must be suppressed. Lala is not the last girl who lives in the world. For that mother, father and I love conspiracy to kill Jamal. It was time to consider the other girls. Incidentally there is a want. Pak Haji Abdullah has long wanted to bermenantukan Jamal and menyandingkannya with Azisa, his eldest son. We set up a match without the knowledge of Jamal. Then, our family tried to "incite" to take into account the presence of Jamal Azisa, his friend since high school.

Alhamdulillah successful. Jamal heart began to open to Azisa so when Mr. Haji Abdullah to ask him a daughter, he had no choice but to say yes again.


Willingness Jamal was already obtained, but oddly enough it never is also set their wedding date. This time my instincts as an older brother play. I think Jamal was facing a problem that can not be split to anyone, including Azisa. Time for me to be a good sister to her.

"I do not know, Mbak. I think I'm not ready for marriage. "

My eyes widened when Jamal articulate why.

"What is art?" I asked a little frightened. I dare not imagine if Jamal was suddenly canceled match. Our families can bear the shame!

"It's not Azisa Daya."

I'm getting gasped. I began to guess the direction the conversation.

"Laura-kah?" I asked. Jamal nodded slowly, but steadily.

"Actually it was a dream the other day did not suddenly come. I asked him to God. I asked him to give clues about future Daya. And that appeared was Laura! "

I became quiet again. I really suck. It's as old as this, could still be a good sister for Jamal. I'm not sure how to respond.

"I'm sorry if all this could ya be a good sister, Mai. Even for this one problem could not answer ya. It's just that we'll never really know what we believe to be true that as the truth, Mal. Include your dream. Ya do not know what else to consider it nonsense or sign really. Even if the dream was a sign, certainly a lot of meaning. "

"You interpret it as love and soul mate, you interpret it as a Hospitality and interpret it as a typical father ideal wife for you. Is not Azisa did not differ much with Laura? The dream was relative, Mal. "

Jamal just sighed softly, looking at the distance. His face was grim. May not want me to be no support.

"Maybe," I continued, "is just a matter of love alone. Maybe your heart is still living in the shadow of Lala and never once given a chance to enter Azisa. You're living in real life, Mal. Until when will be the dreamer?! "

I was struck by the words themselves. Not expected to say this. Nothing. Some time ago we heard Laura received one proposal. Despite giving up, I'm sure Jamal still has love for Laura. He must be sick. I really do not sensitive brother. I'm sorry. I hug Jamal, crying repentance.

Jamal'm crying. Sobbed energetic frustration, disappointment, loneliness, despair decision of, even lonely. I'm touched. How he suffered for it.

"Tomorrow we just cancel the match with Azisa, Mal. That's better than you do not sincerely live it up. That you say about marriage, right? We'll talk it over with my father and mother. "

I think this is the best. It's not wise to establish a match persisted at this fragile moment Jamal. At the time Jamal was wounded and unsure of her feelings. Let us shame the family together.

"No. We keep going. I'm willing to live the rest of my life with Azisa. Maybe I just need a little cry alone. I went first to the house of Pak Haji to talk about. Assalamu'alaikum. "

I looked at the departure of Jamal with indeterminate feeling. If you remember all this happened because of a dream. Yes, God is really the dream of your signs? If true why it's hard to terrealisasi? If one is not true why many people believe?

I thoughtfully. Forgive me my sister. I'm just man, who was unable to translate all his mysteries, even though that was written. I just tried. He remains a decisive. Forgive me.