Kamis, 24 Desember 2009

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Hello! Hello! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

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Minggu, 20 Desember 2009

My Sad Story of Sorrow

Friday afternoon my heart suddenly chaotic. Whatever the cause. At noon there was news about you in Bandung. My concentration was focused lsulit moment. Finally all dikebut weekend work. Process check and re check is done immediately. Once settled, I asked permission to go ahead and get to Bandung.

In Cikampek toll, suddenly the phone rang. Because the street was so crowded, I received it from telpnya that my brother in Bandung. "The position of where?" Toll Cikampek, I replied. "Oh okay .. directly to the house, "he said. "Why?" I asked back. "It's okay, be careful on the road," he replied vaguely. I immediately step on the gas. I have another heart riot. Is this related to you? Are you sick? Or what is it? I had the gas pedal press more deeply.

One hour after sunset, I had reached the gate of the house. Quiet. There's only son Ammar Bula-jr-greet on the front porch. Cantiek-mother-where? Ammar Jr.? For a moment I wanted to call my sweety paint, Ammar Jr.. But my intention urungkan, Later after a piker I know the problem in, I was looking for 1800flowers.

Inside the house, father and brother and his wife were sitting. I immediately kissed his hand and greeted as usual. Then my sister spoke. "Want to see Ammar? There in the corner? "Said the father .. "Ammar why?" I asked. "That was the day when the father came out is still lying at the gate of the house." Said Father. "When we got home, Ammar was dikerubungin same victoria secret. Apparently Ammar've not breathe, "my brother added.

I still do not know what to say. Suddenly my mind jumped to the previous week at home to Bandung. Ammar Jr. behavior seems to want to say goodbye to me. At that time, he slept in between pillow and bolster in my room staring at. And her face pasted on the hand when I went to pet him. Not usually he entered my room.

The next black friday sales, when brought to the veterinary clinic she was not much protest. Ammar sat quietly in the back seat. When the attending veterinarian insert infusion needle into the skin of his back had he remained silent. As well as vitamins and drugs in the blood booster injection into the buttocks area, he just grunted a little. His eyes are always staring at the camera phone. At that time there were three doctors who cared for animals. The one holding the infusion needle. The other was invited to talk to him, the third fed boiled chicken liver was eaten greedily Ammar. Ammar seemed comfortable in the hands of the vet's third.

"Ammar is old but still handsome, yes," they said. Eyes when it was still bright, though a little bit wistful. At that Ammar diagnosed dehydration. So fur was dull and slightly rough. His weight dropped dramatically, that's why I take it to the black friday deals. Usiannya ahead in the 10 years, to the size of a cat Ammar Jr. was already quite old. Maybe because it was the age factor, Ammar had enough with extreme weather, as happened today.

Although already prepared all his favorite meal, including a doctor recommended kohls to be consumed after treatment at the clinic, Ammar apparently could not stand it anymore.

Regrets that made my tears fell when she saw the flower-strewn grave of, is I could never take care of the maximum. I can not with him every day. But .. now I'm sure he's hanging out with my mother's family also is also fond of cats who never this fussy.

I hope this dream, like the previous post about the missing Ammar jr. But the burial plot in the yard was actually there. Lined with graves of father and grandfather of the same hairy.

Ammar Goodbye jr. Farewell dear ... Keep on the door of heaven, yes, hopefully we will be able to gather there ...