Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

The Secret of The Beasts

SAME like a woman who likes to compete, some men fantasize wonder why their partner having sex with mature men, like Sean Connery and George Clooney. What is the secret sex mature men? Before that, you might want to know how to show a guy your interested?

Here, a little sex lesson you can take from mature men, like featured Mens Health.

Rose from the bed

Mature men do not hesitate to get out of bed after having sex, such as fetching water for drinking mate. Is this a man's job? Of course not. But many women adore the couple who let him stay comfortable in bed while the man doing the activity.

Extra massage

Once mature men realize that the erection can not be relied upon as his youth, he had been aware that sex outside of his penis area. For him, sex is all about touching, flirting, and other cocker activity. And since most enjoyable sex and orgasm most easily obtained when a woman feels relaxed, start having sex with a massage or rubbing his legs is not a bad foreplay.

Give me again and again

The older man knew what he liked most pasangannnya. They also experienced enough to know that there are many ways to give orgasm to women and that many women are often more satisfied with sex after orgasm. Whether through stimulation of a finger, vibrator, or a favorite position, she wanted to give satisfaction to his partner again and again. These are mature men of generosity.


If there is one case where age and experience make a difference in every person, it is a token of appreciation. Moreover, if he has parted with the woman he loves. Memories are more frequently reminded to return home, accompanying partner's cooking kitchen, took her to a movie, and so forth.

Other forms of love

During lovemaking, the smell of your body both clashing. Sex also had a taste, sound, and special delight in the two-body bertindihan. Do not worry, with older men, you can still feel it.

Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

New Zealand: Bambang Pamungkas Last Test In National Team

Bambang Pamungkas
Bambang Pamungkas still survive in New Zealand. U-20 national team against Kiwis State is the last test match striker and captain the team Persija Jakarta with Wellington Phoenix.

Since last week, the player who is familiarly called Bepe was in Wellington to melakoni series of tests at the capital club. Striker birth 30 years ago referred to the All Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) as representatives of Red and White.

Ricki Herbert, the club coach who competed in the A-League (Australian League), was also impressed with the appearance Bepe in international matches. Allegedly, the last Anyar Bepe into the coach's recruits.

Bepe has a great opportunity, but still must melakoni ultimate test matches against U-20 National Team New Zealand. Thus it is written in Bepe status in one of his own social networking, Friday (08/06/2010) night.

Unfortunately, Bepe does not list any such action will take place. Is Bepe will continue its action in foreign countries, after a joint EHC Norad (The Netherlands) and FC Selangor (Malaysia)?