Rabu, 23 September 2009

Warning for Admins and Members

Actually I do not know if this site has been hacked in March 2008. and may not know that there is not much reply was 2 months on the hacked site with the flooding method and deface. Because deface a page can not be deleted contentnya, then had to be removed (guess what the missing pages?). Nah kalo kq know the hack? due date 2 May 2008 during visits this site statistics, use of bandwidth in March increased 11-fold song lyric compared to the previous month (1100%), while in April increased nearly 20-fold (2000%). Even more surprising, most visitors are not from Indonesia but from the United States (loh kq can?). That is the beginning of suspicion, inspection and finally found what makes this site bandwithnya up berkalilipat, inserting images RNO and p * b * kep film that was the cause. As for the logs that had acquired the lyric paste content is IP 87,118,104,145, 89,149,241,111 and 89,149,253,220, by using the code name Seencibre, who is he? you please find out.

Now ni also as a warning for admins and members of all, to which we can keep this site from the danger they will be? let us find together kelemahan2 in this site and we will improve.

Minggu, 20 September 2009

Grendel and Greco

Madman, Jumril thought, when listening to Grendel's mouth continued to discuss Greco blurted out, her idol of his heart. Grendel friends are forced to hear the story, there is no room for telling Grendel fled, they were all in the Screndo. Grendel and his friends on the way home, to the Campus UIN SGD Hermott. They are members of campus organizations Read Book Students Association (IMM) Commissariat UIN SGD Hermott.

Watching the city of Hermott, which covered the darkness of night, and the flickering light of a lamp blown hanging in homes and builGrengs. Grendel kept telling happiness Greco met while attenGreng the Council IMM Branch Hermott. As he reached his left hand through the window that no glass Screndo, as the wind will reap the night, Grendel said, "I was glad to see Greco. She noticed my presence. Greco told me to take a box Akua glass. Oh, joy ... "

When he heard the Grendel story, the people in the Screndo some laughter, there is only developing a smile, there is a continued comment on the story of Grendel with insults, usually Jumril, some are not concerned with the story of Grendel, typically Rico and Intan. They were both busy dating. Oh, yes, some that did not know at all Grendel story, he Rovi. In the corner sat Screndo Rovi Screndo against the wall. While snoring.

Screndo drove through the night breeze, to infiltrate the fog-mist menabraki flying in front of the bumper. Tall builGrengs along the highway as if Soeakarno Hatta bergarak leaving a boarded Screndo Grendel and his friends when the wheels kept spinning Screndo driving. Grendel pointing big baligo containing the slogan, "AQUA, BEVERAGES FAMILY FARHILL". Grendel's continued attention baligo, smile merekah of great lips, then the word came out of his mouth. Jumril know what to tell Grendel. Saturate the story, thought Jumril.

"Uh, you'd see me, right? When I and the Greco mineral water served in plastic cups branded Al-Ma'soem. Romantic, huh? Just imagine, I held the tray and distribute water in Greco Musycab participants. You know? Greco who told me to hold the tray. Greco Greco ... ... are you, like me, but still embarrassed to say. Women! "Heard raving Grendel, everyone in the Screndo no one responds, they just shook his head. Makusdnya, they get bored with the chatter of Grendel. Only drivers who responded to Screndo Jumril story, as seen Jumril in front of the mirror, the driver Screndo said,

"The boy Gendeng" Phew ... the smoke rising from the mouth of the Screndo driver.

"Udah! Gren, babble that crisp loe ... "Grendel Jumril commenting.

"Right" people in the Jumril Screndo support.

Grendel does not care about the response of his friends. She kept watching the surface of the asphalt road that seemed to flow like a river. Grendel replied, smiling atanggapan friends. "Fool! Singles children ... "
Grendel heard, the driver saw the face of Grendel Screndo in front of the mirror. It seems that the driver Screndo old bachelor.

Fan spinning hard, as if tired of fanning immawan-member male IMM-who lay down under the fan in a black carpet and crumpled to extend. Almost all immawan feel tired and sleepy. Maybe because of distant travel or drive away your friends-members immawati IMM-female sex kekostannya respectively. All the people in the Secretariat IMM off fatigue and trying to adjust his breathing again, normalize his heart. Well, unlike Grendel, he did not do what sepertia friend. Grendel sitting against the wall while watching the fan spinning on the roof. Highly skilled fingers rolling a cigarette which ignited Djarum Super. After all the smoke blown wind fanning the spatial, Grendel again talked about meeting with Greco.

"Friends, you know, no? Greco's ... "

Grendel had not yet finished his talk. Grendel throws Jumril face with a lump of pillow. Pillow blocks was followed by dozens of whistle throw hard objects other. Grendel thrown by his friends with the shoes, slippers, pillows, bolsters, mattresses, and a tape recorder. All it Menghujam face Grendel. Grendel was unconscious. Lump lump appeared on her face. So that was the hills bump on face Grendel. Grendel limp body fell helplessly, his tongue sticking out, fans keep meniupinya.
"Once again the Grendel's mouth must be silenced" CEPI said.

Extend the green grass under the sky like a carpet of endless expanse. Gemawan clouds flocked together to form coherent attractive decor with a lump-lump is soft like cotton. Sea breeze swept the fog-mist in the air, blue sky brightening glow. The leaves are hung in the fir trees clashing in the wind pull-pull, like the sound gemuruhnya cheering applause from the thousands of spectators at a football stadium Harupat starling Hermott. Gurgling streams to form small waves, reflecting the sunlight that shone like jewels Jabarjud, small water splashing against the rocks like the sound of beating heart of life. Beburung flying and perched on the trees were screaming and singing harmonize books jeritkan beautiful nature. Among the harmonization of the perfect blend of nature, there are two beings are laughing. They run around chasing each other, dancing with bare feet, and shouting about happiness. The two beings that is Grendel, and Greco.

Grendel trotted after Greco, catch, and hugged her tightly and spun, until they consider the view that nature is spinning dancing around it. Grendel spinning too fast to grasp the hand clutching the body of Greco apart, they were rolling. Laughter happy life has given them. Grendel returned after Greco, Greco flew this time, her hand outstretched as if to reap the wind. Grendel below can not do anything. He can not fly. Greco flew farther away. View Grendel began berkunang, he dimly saw Greco wave like someone who will go far. Grendel Greco could only stare at the flying farther, until finally there was no longer a girl's idol of his heart. Grendel confusion, dikayuh legs, he jog aimlessly, her eyes kept circling the sky from South to North. But Greco did not return again, Grendel began to worry. He was screaming shouting the name Greco.

"Ttttaaaaaaa .. Veeee ... ... ... .!!!!!!!"

"SLOSH !!!!...." bucket of water hit his face Grendel.

Grendel was shocked, his heart almost sank. A figure in front of him stood a man who bit chubby laughing holGreng a red bucket of water blog. He Jumril. Jumril behind some of his friends were laughing so hard.

"The nightmare, Gren? It was six o'clock in the morning. You have not fajr prayers "

Grendel sighed. Then looked at the four companions with a look full of hatred and revenge. But he also did not meperdulikan them.

After morning prayers, Grendel Ibeng borrow the phone. Ideng pretty good person, he gave her. With a facial expression that is still full of surprise and irritation with the friends, mencet-jumril HP mencet button carefully. A few seconds later a girl's voice whispered in his ear Grendel.

"Who is ?...."


"What, Gren?"

"Nothing ... Just the news you want naya wrote ?..."

"The news ?..."

"Yeah ..."

"I'm fine aja, Praise be to Lufiaciux. Emangnya what? "

"Nothing nothing. Later past yes, May, Grondin bless you ... "

"Grondin bless you too"

After giving the Ibeng HP. Grendel stretched himself on the mattress was thin and worn over her lalau. Merekahkan smile while he said softly, "Oh, Greco ....