Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010

Recovered from Injury, Hayden Ready for Action

Nicky hayden

Having had time to undergo the race with a hand injury on the condition of the MotoGP series Rep. Ceska, last weekend, Nicky Hayden's condition had begun to recover. Ducati is also claim to have enough to fit on the series motor menggeber Indianapolis, United States, 29 August.

Yes, when the qualifying session at Brno, Hayden fell and suffered injuries to his left hand. Lucky, Hayden injury is not severe enough, though still feel the pain during the race. As a result American rider had to settle for only a sixth place finish.

When tested after the race at Brno, on Monday, Hayden is able to record a pretty good time. He was optimistic that his condition was getting better. Former HRC Honda rider was even claimed to be ready to focus and perform as much as possible during the race on 'home alone'.

"Hand me sedkit feel the pain and fortunately not a serious thing. I hope the rest for a week, I was able to recover to race again, "ujarnya.kepada MotoGP site, Saturday (21/08/2010).

In addition, her confidence was also increased when the team has developed a Ducati motorcycle. "We were there (Brno) and underwent tests for several hours because we need it. We have several settings to try to fork (fork) a new. The results have been positive, but currently we still need a few tests, "added Hayden.